bird song
above this mountain clearing
a momentous precession
through the predawn sky
propels mercury into the horizon
just as venus and mars
weary of constant distance
momentarily rekindle their love
gleaming so closely together
they outshine the brightest
mightiest point of star
and appear as one

beneath this living summer sky 
pitch black predawn silence 
where inner and outer darkness
and deepest heart-born silence
absorb my mental wandering
into the spinning flowing
efforvescent radiance
of the nightly turning stars
at the same moment
my mind within
periodically distracts
my celestial attention
into momentary fear dreams
manifesting spontaneously
as apprehensive creatures
scuffling and scratching
at the borders of my attention
my silent witness
to this energetic display
of automatic sensation
assaulting my hijacked attention 
from within and without
perches like a weightless bird
on a high wire
tension edge of this
eternal dichotomy
moments revolve
around sequential synchronizations
of earth moon phases
as venus and mars
carve their nexus of days
into the grain of the stars
there mercury's eternal amazement
gapes eternal on the whirling sun
who in this new time inspiration
with magnetic means
and affectionate intent
from inner-outer space
propels a warm-soft light-spun breeze
into these high dark hillside trees
barely rustling dry late summer leaves
to lovingly awaken
an early morning
bird to sing