beneath the arch
of this old stone bridge
where the cool summer shade
of its granite base
touches the earthen damp shore
of a serenely deep flowing stream
tiny purple flowers bloom
in secret incandescence
scintillating the gentle moist air
with sweet lyrical scent
seducing into the stony shadow
of this under-bridge womb
an ambling bumble bee
its course momentarily mirrored
on the placid water's surface
its ringing buzz echoed
by blocks of imperturbable stone
compelled by an ancient obsession
now settles upon numerous blossoms
and gathers their delicate elixir
for a quickening essence all of its own
then with several zoomingly lustful spiral arcs
of joyous bedazzlingly meteoric flight
soars fearlessly wild and gone
out from the precious darkness
back to the streaming light
into the seething world
of summertime booming
under the midday sun