Circuits of Love
at the gateway of a silent pool
on the glistening edge of dimensionality
shimmers a universe
of indefinable integrity
exquisitely etched
and electronically patterned
as circuits of love
as if actually living
across a quasi-existent surface
of an indefinite spiral form
that we humans call time
action in a most delicate sense
issues forth here
where the gentlest motion
transfigures into whirlwinds
of flickering possibilities
stirring and unstirring
untold unfolding destinies
with invisible magic
performed and preserved
as circuits of love
while the roots of the magic
arise from the past
and its limits are not visible
to the innocent turning of mind
the writing of these or any words
or utterance as poem or thought
beautiful or ugly
sensible or dumb
heard or unheard
are in accord
with the magical landscape
and are therefore
etched in circuits of love
to flicker across the undulating surface
of the spinal tiers of dimensionality
out past the remoteness of reality
reverberating like summer thunder
rumbles across endless valleys
until every echo is gone