Crazy Grace

i will forget
i'm  being
provoking a without looking
over my shoulder
at the sad faces i've known  :(
from other worlds and places unknown
surfacing in the karmic fog of time
into which they have been crumbled
bad ideas from unhappy people
who lived the lie that magic is dead
appear beneath my open window wide
and down into the sacred room
paranoia raises its head
moods and feelings collide
with intent to crumble too
into pain
the silent witness
of this living day
but without reason
(some call it divine purpose)
magic seems to lightly lurk
just below the surface
of this cosmic spiral
we name time
where the true nature
of life and death
lying hidden from mind's
deepest prowess
gives up its coiled essence
when dreams of intervention
or integration
reach their lowest ebb
to this end we employ
with no reservation of intent
music and scent of friendly
incense struck with candles
edging always towards heaven's bent
upon the striking down
of mind's reasonable
and vociferous eye
with herb pill and magical trance
zazzen meditations
and hypnotic sufi dance
plummeting into the present town
a new but once again always being
born bare into the heartworld bliss
where the way things are
are of no consequence