in the brightness of this long day
as i watch the psychedelic snippets of my psyche
propel this insistent song of life
a new idea to story
sneaks out through my mind's light
into this critically crafted ever drifting poem

can i learn to love even death?
this seems like a fine composition
a compassionate solution
or does this music envision
too much for me
seeking rhythms from unwritten sonatas
that even stars may not apprehend
instead of paying attention
to fragile forgettable fretful ideas
i'll ask myself for mercy
and stroll through the valley of death with love
aided by the grace of inevitability
"give up your fear, my dear
embrace into the realm of the lost again
it's always a pleasant surprise to die"
yes, i relax and smile,
let love take over the country side
until it becomes a second nature,
and grows into the wings of communion
transmuting pain to humor
and feral winter haze
into the bright spring daylight
of a warm forest clearing

here scraps of old dreams blow through my hair
like ancient longings from a fallen paradise
that taste the sky and join the wind
and as they burn i am no longer
a line from an old broadway song
i have no name
i own nothing

touch this place
and  perceive an unheard hymn of poetry 
wind-like and swirling through the uncarved divinity
with love of death gently guiding pulling urging 
through the rain of never again
into the streaming yawning dawn
of never before