inner has two genders
penetrating with her eyes
and calm with his center
like the eye of a storm
a central somewhere
between eternal and ephemeral
when inner has your heart
knowing is enough
to feel yourself as water
flowing fresh from form
first peace i've ever known
this floating clarity
rooted to the sea
of the profundity of life
sometimes he gets me
and nothing spins the same again
inner and her games of love
in the nurturing night
fulfilling me with the lucidity
of her mystical visions
and a graceful unhinging
of us
from the axle of swirling thought
in a pas de deux
of indefinable content
voracious connectivity
impeccable counterpoint
and ravishing harmony
inner welcomes the inevitable dawn
bidding the conjuring senses
to project mortality
once again
upon the substance of mind
with her vivid animation of
'it is'
he gleans the twisting spiral
of past and future
as the genders of now
knowing where we have seen
the humor of laughter's tears
with time as ours to play