last year's weeds
stand stiffly in the field
dancing tawny and teasingly
in the morning breeze
fresh off the nearby
cloud canopied ocean
while the bright above
sun sitting like a friend
hugging me warmly
urges postponement
of building garden boxes
or doing daily chores
and some ravens' sexuality
emanates from the nearby woods
clicking crunching coupling
sounds abounding arouse me
as it should
in the hazy warmth
of this sleepy springtime
sunshine laden place
where pearl light nymphs
inflame the border
of my inner light
and this sunlit meadow
with sexual dreams of unity...
then a fugal spawn of cloud
far flung from the pregnant sea 
invades my world
and drowns the sultry valley
into windblown unexpected darkness
brrrr... all sex goes silent
ravens' voices still
air seems cold
as recent winter's chill
my languid mood
against my will
begins to shift
turning inward
from the ocean wind
with shivery bite
forgotten dreams of
who knows what
have taken flight
into a billion drops of rain
from the high trumpeted air
soaking this once warm field
and me
with the drenching multiplicity
of water spirit's needs
accompanied by a
brashly chilling breeze
and a maddening marauding
of the stiffly standing remaining weeds
soon the somber cloud is spent
and splintered sunlight
reveals heaven's new intent
with beams of raucous color
as sun returns to day
spreading warmth and humor
in a new enchanting way
and the ravens in the forest
return to their sexual play
while the vaporizing water spirits
vanish into sky blue air
resuming their endless returning
to nothingness from everywhere
eternal fire-water alchemy
with relentless will for change
deeply sensual double dance
of sacred and mundane