old moon sky

no agreement reached today
on an all morning walk
along this calm pacific bay
still holding on to my beauty
as eclectic anxieties
whirling through my brain
wakefully abiding and hiding
in darkness of light
while a sea of surfed soothing seasongs
meander me muddily along
this  empty beach
as the ancient moon rises
climbing invisibly higher
into the old moon sky
(moon moving always
by commandments of love
...commandments of love
they're axiomatic
and come from above
like the toes on my walking feet
under legs filled with love)
no questions either
as i wander
distracted through
this mysterious space
with an old dying moon
noticing nothing
on its invisible  face
seeing no implication
in a twisted sea log
spumed with swirling sand
and debris from the sea...
learning nothing from the
sailing soaring seabirds
feasting on the inspired land
or the magic laden mermaids
off shore and hidden
from the intellect of man
holding back my heart
and my love
without smile or frown
to the cloud tattered sky
for some incredible reason
as unidentified voices
fill me with emotion:
'what are you looking for?'
something cries
vanishing in my mind
'this is true'
comes a voice
from a conjuring
in my head
'all doors of change are open'
whispers a sighing breeze
i think it was the wind
or so it seemed
but carefully weighing was i
and knew the wind was me
bestower of this blather
incessant babble and endless chatter
my chariot of love
attention and matter
pursuing hope and faith
twin lovers of never
wielding my worded clichés
that tickle my cleverness
reworked again and again
forever worded and worked
to make the world new
spiritual questions
agreements,  appeasements
angling always
for some achievement
and so it went
as down the beach
i distractedly shuffled
between mind blah and seasong
like someone who can't sleep
at night and tries and tries
waiting to die
while inextricably
incontrovertibly alive
this kind of jive
upon which i seem to thrive
ceaseless interludes
of voices and chorus
escape from which, it is said
is only deep sleep or death
or a serenade of course
by a large choral of seasongs
sea-fully self-singing seasongs
ceaselessly singing
as i amble along
ceaselessly sung self-singing seasong
now my wandering ceases
down on the sand
my mind fallen to pieces
the burning might
of the morning light increases
my beauty finally fading
into the old moon sky
sleep at last or is it death
that leads me from all sensation
suddenly sun and moon unite
with a brilliant unseen flash
everything true returns to ash
invisibly swept away
by a celestial blast
of lunar  cosmic energy
and a reborn moon
emerges again
no one cares now
i certainly don't
not a creature in sight
i don't give a hoot
as i howl
how wow wee oh woo
the invisible moon
in the new moon sky
unique morning of light
i can... i'm yet...
another magic of moments again
my beauty returned
ever returning
once again learning
the wonder and yearning
of words and worth's
endless churning
through time's spiral flame