Again and Again

my bittersweet
cousin illusion
departs me
with such benign simplicity
in my hideaway hut
deep beneath the wilderness
of the vast known universe
where fallen leaves are
always scampered by
the afternoon breezes
bearing the smell
of approaching rain
i can't remember my name
my memory lost
my mind aflame
these points are
so hopelessly deep
I can only tell you
its some kind of mystery
happening again and again

it happens again
an irresistible child
a sultry eyed woman
some springtime stranger
with the beautiful face
of love
arrives unexpectedly
at the front door of life
this seems eternal
it happens again
stone-face soldiers
off to war
so graceful in the liquidity
of their martian contemplation
which coils so conflictually
into my temporal tapestry
where my sensibilities
see but the thinnest spectra
of some way beyond being
whose effervescence
sings and tingles
through every atom
and voice of what is
it happens again
the rising moon
revealing a mind to night
another flowering in shadow
of an undisguised smile
ahhh the forest of the darkness
the tenderness of lasting duration
rarely to be gleaned
after dawn brings the day
the sea is wearing this fisherman
caught by the rain
and the water holds him
fast in his boots
i have many fish
sea says to herself
but there's only one you
and i want you aplenty!
this too is pointlessly gone
into some pluperfect dream
awaiting rebirth
in another mind's scheme
and I tell myself
its only a mystery
that happens
again and again