stalwart sun and phantom moon
harmonic rain and wayward air
anointing receptive earth
with living fiery spectacle
compounding all attention and worth
into the living metaphors
of profound illusion
and simple truth
wherein i ponder my visions
as an invisible story
that wakes and sleeps me
along the resonating staves
of the spiraling octaves of time...

hail to you!

and so attempting always
some further apperception
of love's quivering trance
in this infinite cosmic space
i enter this magical garden
where i come to sing and play
and spin some springtime haikus
on the front porch swing
in the sparkling light
of my metaphoric day
convening a musical interface
to briefly transmute
illusion's inscrutable song
born from time and space 
into living chorals of love
carved in the heart
of the nothingness we embrace
but for the space
of a knowing beyond all metaphor
this crazy grace
inspiring spiraling spellings and singings
of zany rhythms of love and pain
enchanted in my heartsong just so way