sitting by the sea
in a psychedelic day
observing with cool affection
the blue sky ocean
when a wave breaks along
the deserted sunlit beach
into a beauteous harmonic perfection
absorbing me into its perception
curling deeply into my human whorl
with spiraling appreciation
hear it now
sensing its motion
way off to the right
the sound of pure ocean
becoming louder until so bright
with brilliant white froth
now past with a whoosh
as down the beach
it thunders
and roars
is this apperception
of perfection
just for me
alone on the beach today
or is the creator
having some play
employing his prowess
his unique knowing-how-ness
plying his pied piper melody
of wateristic perfection
out of temporal manifestation
into poetic conception
for the artistic perception
and enjoyment
of all breathers of love
spinning this draft of light
across the transcendental columns of time