midnight fiddles 
a warm breeze
smelling of rain
in this summertime
medley of dreams
humid air mutes the passions
of the treeful valley wood winds
about this darkened cabin
a sweethearts' sleeping scene
where lovers meet
to dream
their harmonies
at the edge of time
as weather passes 
round this cloud-black
god filled darkness
another breeze
and my mind falls
off the ground
to sleep
dreams of rain
dripping gutters
muddle-puddle splashing
gorge making gashing 
dashing from here to there
noah's arc and hurricane kate
rain you could get to love or hate
i woke up and had to urinate
the urge was great
and up i hopped
from bed warmth so
underblanket beckoning
with sweetheart drenched
heartlove smells 
and with all my faith
stepped outside
where almost raining
a drop or two
i adjusted my position
(the world was waiting
for me to be in place)
and as i stood
about to piss
i heard the hiss
and brassy blow
of wind and rain parading
through the tall trees
on the nearby hill
and before my sleep-deflected mind
an earliest springtime babe
was me restored
and how i used to urinate
alive to every loving tone
of that smooth jazz
that played so often
through my core of innocence
and ended
with deliciously warm effervescence
filling my diapered underpants
and then as this was revealed
the waters arrived
they came from within
and came from above
in a synchonistic duet
of torrential water bliss love
this divine downpour from the heavens
and my sacred piss
dancing with recognition
between heaven and earth
on that mighty pillar of the universe
of ineffable mirth
everywhere now
drip drippity drip
back with my sweetheart's dreaming
and her warm-body smell 
singing me to sleep away
with the beating of the song drenched
long drenching night-summer rain
drip drip drippity drip drip drip drip