ah, you streaking godspelled stars
streaming through
the seasons's change
binding to the lightning voice
from beyond the clouds
rousing our awakening
to dreams of spring
in childhood shrouds
where siren snakes
and magical chameleons
beckon from the never
out of every snare
of life's invention
until we float
through time's lofty grace
once again freely
upon the brief
eternal summer air
to sing our inner love 
with heart filled poems
of self's motif and passion
to clear-eyed kindred friends
when like the smiling tears 
of a million setting suns
burning their name of fire
across the autumnal lakes
of this music's sphere
now becomes no need
to think and make
or do and take
now becomes
a wintertime
to meditate
and die
without care or trace
until another turning
of spiral season's timely grace
while we lightly abiding
children of forever
always god spelled stars
streak across the endless
unbroken horizonless sky