so i tip my hat
sometime laughing
sometime crying
in this soap box display
of living and craving
which i can not comprehend
as a vision of cheerful lucidity
illuminates the shattered landscape

reinventing every memory
with innocent motivation
like sparrows playing in a puddle
in the darting shadow
of a hummingbird at midday
and the time
that enslaves me
so to destruction
arises to serve me
in this moment
with profound instruction
on how to abide the domain
of its spiral tapestries
and beneath a long day clear
a presence of laughter fills the air
like a flock of geese passing
over a robin singing in the morning sun

so i tip my hat
sometime smiling
sometime sighing
swiftly sailing 
through this array
of agreeing and dying
blather and metaphor
and spin without end
with these crazy visions of grace
of such dazzling simplicity
inspiring no arguments
like a softly chirping cricket
on a cool autumn night
or a pond-plopping frog
scattering rainbow regalias
of evanescent water drop castles 
across the summertime sun