stargaze with me,
dear lovers of earth's brevity
as we tromp from springtime meadows
down to the silver domed
something like singing sea
we have done this ritual
so many times before
loving her from a distance
our mirthless egos blinded to her beauty
then showing up on her shimmering shore
wind shining swifter
than the sparkling sun
on the psychedelic sea
stargazing lovers
we are so beautiful
my heart in your mind
as yours beats in mine
let us venture on a long time walk
along this living curveded surface
with no stated or apparent purpose
the path ahead of endless beaches
cool strong relentless breezes
penetrating beneath our nakedness
and thoughtfully concealed disguises
urging us past the borders of humanity
beyond the shards of incisively
broken thought-shells
that guard the edge of this wilderness
we call consciousness...while
in the diamond faceted up above sky
cloud shapes of cosmic notions so high
this very moment streaming
as if it were the very first time
melodies and ideas of dimensions unseen
into our earth-bound wandering minds
into our blindingly winding
down with gravity minds
who sensing the meaning of the
something like singing sea
again for the very first time
willingly leave humanity... far behind
then surrounded by gods we sing
new parables of clear optimism we bring
from the wings of endless possibility
down wind songed shores never dreamed or weaned
in man and woman's philosophy
born of the cloud seeds far above
nurtured by something like songs of love
some of us smile, others burst out
in one and all, a great joy , an inner shout
a conscious interior giving,
an easing off, an uplifting,
a something like singing shifting
lilting sound of our own good laughter
no thought of now or muted hear-after
only mirth at the glimmering warm and cool of it
the encompassingly sweet and horribly cruel of it
and how the clouds always part to let the sun through of it
revealing what wonderful lovers we are
most uplifting of all
by this something like singing sea
what wonderful lovers we are