in early june
when sneezes were the way
it was flowering  grasses
that held all in sway
from grasping earliest spring
where every green
and crawling thing
is groping madly
for everything
for love and life
and growth everlasting
but now its past the summers noon
and daisies rule the high plateaus
where noses are clearer
than back in june
the growing is slowing
autumn fruits showing
ripening beginning,
a new kind of start
youthful intentions consolidating
here on the oregon side
now past the solstice
a new scheme emerging
from insatiable needs
of the great springtime surging
an inspiration
to let go and be merry
let go the grasp
of the youth-time urging
a drift toward release
time to eat berries
plums, peas
if you're lucky, cherries
begin to rein in the bounty of spring
become a tad fatter like every thing
join with new friends
make music and sing
of a new way to feel this time of year
ways to relax and reverse a gear
or two and let out a sigh
of a new beginning
of maturity singing
here on the sunny afternoon country side
stay out the night
with stars slowly turning
swim in the light
of the earliest dawning
not quite the zing
of those brash spring mornings
that crashed with birdsong
and consciousness dawning
but plenty of brightness
for awesome awakening
while out on the path
in this midday of light
thoughts turn to life
how much it is like
the swirl of this planet around its sun
grasping in spring for everyone
no blame for those
immortal with youth
while i myself learn
impeccable truth
after the solstice has past
how to relax and release
this life I so willingly breathe
here on the oregon country side